FIBRE-RESIN or CERAMIC fruit sculpture
artist edition by Bruno

indoor / outdoor (frostproof)
sealed with transparent brilliant varnish
natural wood or foundry-bronze stem



Bruno Jorge Monteiro e Silva

Tell us about your work as a graffiti artist

As a Graffiti artist, I try not to be bound by any specific concept, paintings often arise from current events and end up transmitting certain values or socio-cultural message.

When did you decide you wanted to become one and how did you start?

Interest in graffiti came about around 2005 when I began to see graffiti trains as if they were a moving gallery.

What was the first thing you drew and where?

After practicing a lot on paper, my first graffiti was my name on an old sheet, only later I went to the walls and make more elaborate paintings.

What is the message you want to portray?

Being Graffiti an art form without limits, I try to express this freedom from the game of colors, to the chosen images etc, mainly to let flow and the painting by itself to take a course.

How in your opinion is the art of graffiti become more appreciated?

The work that has been developed, is a mix of the styles of letters that I have practiced with influences of graffiti, tattoo, manual and arabic writing. In relation to the words used, they are positive words that influence the music, today and the street where Graffiti was born.