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catalogues: fruit sculptures


fruit sculpture Catalogue fruit sculptures

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outdoor fruit sculpture Catalogue outdoor fruit sculptures

download | 5.23 MB

cherry sculpture Catalogue cherries catalogue

download | 3.81 MB

Graffiti Sculpture Fruit Catalogue graffiti catalogue

download | 2.48 MB

foundry bronze catalogue

download | 2.29 MB

crackled glass apple sculpture - transparencies CRACKLED GLASS transparences

download | 3.39 MB

catalogue gold plated and silver plated fruit sculptures BULL & STEIN gold plated and silver plated

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catalogues: additional items

giftbox for medium plus apple sculptures luxury giftbox

download | 1.37 MB

catalogue zinc pedestals BULL & STEIN zinc pedestals

download | 1.59 MB

catalogues: other collections

crustaceans catalogue crustaceans catalogue

download | 2.21 MB

sono root sculptures catalogue sono root sculptures catalogue

download | 5.44 MB

teak root sculptures catalogue teak root sculptures catalogue

download | 3.74 MB

design elements

Logo BULL & STEIN black

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download tariff tariff - price list – € net rec. retail price

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